Starting a Church-Based Business

Free Workshop

June 23, 2021
7:00 pm ET

Starting a social enterprise  — a business with a social good in mind —  offers churches a unique opportunity to engage its members and neighbors, and additional capital to invest in mission. This idea might feel intimidating, unfamiliar, or unnecessary. And we understand! That is why we are offering this workshop, which discusses why and how a church might start its own business. We have a panel of specialists from a variety of backgrounds that have successfully launched social enterprises out of their own churches. They will share stories of success and failure while serving their communities in this mission. 

A year and half ago, many churches thought they couldn’t make the transition to digital ministry. COVID has taught us that we are more agile and adaptable than we might have previously thought. This is an opportunity to continue to reimagine what ministry could look like for our churches and communities. We invite you to come and let your missional imagination run wild with the possibility of your church starting its own social enterprise. There will also be a Spanish translation option available.

This workshop is for pastors, church staff, consistory members, elders, and deacons who want their congregations to succeed in mission. To build on the learnings of this webinar we are offering a social enterprise cohort this coming August. The Oikos Accelerator will be a 12 month cohort to help your church launch its own social enterprise. Applications are due July 16. Apply Now!

Workshop Leaders

Sung Kim

Sung currently serves as the Leadership Development Coordinator for the RCA. He loves to disrupt the status quo, but not so much that this former New Yorker won’t cheer for the Big Ten home team in Ann Arbor where he is also pastor of a growing church. In addition to sporting maize and blue, Sung is an avid consumer of artisan coffee and craft beer which he enjoys at his church’s own coffee bar and taphouse that launched in 2015! He is highly visionary, thoroughly pragmatic, and always curious about what makes people tick and what makes organizations great.

Eliza Cortes Bast

Look beyond the obvious and awaken your missional imagination. Eliza will help awaken your missional imagination to find new ways to partner with your community, building authentic relationships and connecting with other churches. Eliza Cortes Bast is an RCA pastor and denominational executive dedicated to helping churches think missionally.  She lives into her passion by connecting and developing people, advocating for the community, and helping organizations think strategically so they can be healthy, vibrant, and sustainable.  She loves Jesus and loves people, and amplifying the good she sees around her.

Pat Dirkse

Pat Dirkse planted City Church of Compton in 2010 and is currently the lead pastor there.  He is married to his wife Julie and has 2 children, Joshua and Anna.  Pat and Julie love to lead together.  Pat & Julie lead the 3DM Los Angeles hub and are passionate about helping church planters, business leaders and those in urban settings implement discipleship and mission in their churches and businesses.  Pat is also the coordinator for Discipleship for the RCA.  Locally in Compton, Pat runs a catering business called City Catering and also started Business as Mission (BAM) which provides education for new start ups, business grants and small business mentoring for new entrepreneurs. 

Mark Sampson

Mark is the co-founder and Lead Learner of RootedGood. His professional career spans the spectrum from profit to non-profit, from start-up to established, and his academic ‘side-hustle’ has focused on the intersection between theology and our contemporary socio-economic context. Mark is the former KLICE award holder for business ethics, has a background in management consultancy and was the director of Cocreate Consulting. Prior to RootedGood, Mark was a director of Matryoshka Haus and the Transformational Index Group.

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