About Renovations

We believe that every church has “good bones,” much like a house. The Renovations Project equips your church to take the very best of your treasured traditions—the good bones—and reimagine them for flourishing ministry today and beyond. 

You can be the first to experience Renovations as part of the Renovations Cohort, beginning in early 2022. The Renovations Project is a learning process of the RCA.


Over 9 months, churches/ministry teams will access digital content through the Faithward Online Learning Platform, viewing 13 videos that help them address topics such as: leadership development, local mission, self-leadership, navigating failure, justice and more. Each video has a corresponding guide, with prompts and questions to help your team and individuals process the topic together. Teams can choose how they want to set up their meetings together. You may want to meet for a Saturday morning and watch 2 videos at a time, or watch one video every two weeks as part of your leadership meetings. PDFs are available in the Faithward Online Learning Platform in both Spanish and English. At Least one coaching hub site has a fluent Spanish speaking coach available.

At the end of 9 months, each team should have discerned their own “ministry renovation” that they would like to try – whether it’s a new project, a new use of their building, or a new ministry. At the end of 9 months, every team that has successfully completed the project and has a renovation proposal, will be eligible to receive up to $5,000 to use towards their renovation idea!

Coaching Hubs

Each team has the opportunity to have a site visit at their coaching hub, to see how the hub has innovated and created in their own context. Teams are responsible for their travel and hosting costs. However, the coaching hub will work with the church/ministry team leader to design a two day experience that helps your team take the practice back home

Each church will select a coaching hub, which each hub having 3 – 4 churches maximum. Each hub will designate who will coach the churches and ministry leaders. We have designated three coaching hubs throughout the US that have demonstrated innovation and leadership in their own ministries. Each hub has current projects, connected through ministry, that have been birthed out of an innovative look at how ministry is accomplished. These hubs can also provide a hands on look, hosting groups of churches to observe the work of renovation in practice. Hubs will meet with the Renovations staff 3 times throughout the process for quick check-ins to see how the process is going, and how the churches are doing.

How We Will Learn

Meet with your group of 3-4 churches once per month for one hour on Zoom.
Meet with your church leaders individually once per month for half an hour.
Review the materials each month online that the church leaders are engaging with.
Host a 2 day site visit from one of your coaching church team (maximum 4 people), that can
include: seeing your ministry in action, teaching/training, neighborhood visit (all costs are the
responsibility of the visiting church).

What Is Included

  • Monthly coaching with an experienced coach from one of our three national innovation hubs (New York, Los Angeles, and Ann Arbor)
  • Masterclass videos from national experts on missiology and innovation in the church
  • Discussion guides for each video to spark conversation and reflection
  • Facilitator’s guide to help you lead team meetings and generate conversation as your team discerns and explores what God might be calling you to do
  • An opportunity for up to four people from your team to visit one of our innovation hubs to experience innovative spaces and ideas for ministry firsthand (Note: Each church is responsible for their site visit costs. However, a generous scholarship has been provided for the first 12 churches for their site visit)

Next Steps

  • Talk with your leadership team or consistory.
  • Fill out the application form by clicking the Apply Now button.
  • Once approved for this cohort, enroll in the online course for full access to the videos and resources.
  • Interested? Contact Kris Woltjer for more information about this process at local@rca.org.

The application process has been completed. Please check back later if you are interested in participating in a future cohort.

Not Enrolled

Learning Includes

  • 12 Sessions
  • 9 Topics