Oikos Accelerator Cohort

Oikos is the Greek term for household — and it is also the etymological root of economics and ecology.

Application Deadline: July 16, 2021
Cohort launches: August 11, 2021

The Oikos Accelerator Cohort empowers congregations to align money and mission by creatively using their buildings and property to further their mission and build financial resilience. By the end of the cohort, each congregation will effectively design and launch a social enterprise that utilizes their church property in some form.

This cohort will run for approximately one year, not including an in-person celebration in Fall 2022. This pilot cohort will be available only to 5 churches. Apply now!

This cohort is a collaboration between the Reformed Church in America and RootedGood.

Impacts of the Oikos Accelerator Cohort

This cohort will help congregations:

  • Understand the church’s changing context in terms of your ministry, local community, and financial model
  • Imagine how your core mission and theology shapes the use of buildings and property in light of this changing context
  • Expand your capacity to experiment, try new things, learn from failure, and try again
  • Experiment with new, innovative uses of buildings and property that both further your mission and generate income
  • Launch a social enterprise utilizing your church property

Who is the Oikos Accelerator Cohort Designed For?

This cohort is perfect for your congregation if you:

  • Own buildings and properties
  • Perceive your challenges as opportunities
  • Are interested in trying new things, particularly with social enterprise
  • Are wondering how to best fulfill your mission in our current environment
  • Identify a team of 3-4 leaders who can participate fully from Summer 2021 to Summer 2022. (Must include at least one consistory member and lead or associate pastor).
  • Have capacity to make changes as a result of your involvement

What Participating Congregations Can Expect in the Oikos Accelerator Cohort.

Tools and Resources

Access to fun, dynamic, and proven tools, games, and resources. Physical resources will be delivered through the mail and digital resources will be available online.

Online Learning 

Participation in an online learning program, which will help you identify and design two ideas for new activities and/or social enterprises using your property. Congregational leaders will be able to work through this course at your preferred pace.

Convening in Fall 2022

One in-person convening in the Fall of 2022 (if conditions allow it) where you will gather with the other participating congregations to develop your projects, share what you are learning, and ‘pitch’ your project to funders, connectors, and resource-providers.

How to Join the Oikos Accelerator Cohort

We are accepting applications for the cohort on a rolling basis. The first cohort will launch on August 11, 2021 with 5 churches. Space is limited. Participating in a cohort costs only $500 per congregation. Request your application below. The 5 churches selected will be informed on July 21, 2021. 

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