Call Waiting Online Learning Orientation

We are so excited to have you join us for this year’s General Synod 2021 in Tucson, Arizona. Call Waiting is a program that prepares youth delegates for time spent at General Synod. During this program, we will orient you to the structure of the denomination, introduce you to the current state of the church, and process what it looks like to faithfully live out our call as disciples of Jesus in the world today.  

To better prepare you for our time together, please work through all of the modules of this course before we gather together in October.

Key Objectives: 

The information provided will: 

  • Help you better understand the systems and structure of the Reformed Church in America 
  • Create better understanding of the current issues facing the denomination and how to best speak to these issues 
  • Introduce you to the other participating students from around the United States and Canada

This informational video is simply a hello and introduction from me to you! I am Anna Radcliffe, the program coordinator of Call Waiting. I will be with you throughout our time together at General Synod.

Response Activity

Please share your name and where you’re coming from. Respond to one other participant’s post by saying a few words of welcome. Use this link to find the Discussion Forum.

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Learning Includes

  • 5 Sessions